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Northern Australia Still Waiting For Job-Generating Infrastructure


If the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility has finally made a decision – it should be signed off by Barnaby Joyce immediately.

At last it appears the NAIF has finally made a decision.  It is about bloody time. 

If Barnaby Joyce is legally allowed to make this decision and there is no uncertainty given his eligibility is before the High Court, why hasn’t he pulled his finger out and signed this off?T

he NAIF was announced more than two years ago and we are still waiting for Turnbull and Joyce to allocate a single dollar from the $5 billion fund to build job generating infrastructure in Northern Australia.

The only money they have allocated so far is half a million dollars on executive salaries and travel perks for board members.

What’s the hold up?

Turnbull is out of touch and his government is in chaos and as a result the people of Northern Australia are missing out.

Labor also has serious concerns about the secrecy and waste in the way the NAIF operates and potential conflicts of interest on the NAIF Board which is why we launched a Senate Inquiry.